Newsletter Center, módulo para Zen Cart

Newsletter center code é um módulo de integração entre o Zen-Cart e PHPlist.

Permite a utilizadores não registados numa loja a possibilidade de subscreverem a newsletter.


  • subscribe newsletter with/out account
  • subscribe to multiple newsletter list
  • get custom user input, based on PHPlist attributes
  • unsubscription and preferences changes only possible for actual owner of email address
  • opt-in email addressesuser has to confirm his email address
  • easy unsupscription possible when following unsubscribe link in email
  • all powerfull features of PHPlist


  • Zen-Cart 1.3.x
  • PHPlist 2.8.12 and newer


1) Rename all yourtemplate folder to your template’s name

2) Copy the files included in the same structure to your store!

3) Edit includes/extra_configures/PHPlist_user_config.php – you will need to supply the path to your PHPlist install as well as the associated subscriber id page for this module.

4) Be sure to read the use.txt for instructions how to configure your PHPlist install for Zen-Cart.

Download Newsletter Center